Bridge the physical and digital world ...
The technology works by overlaying digital data on the real world. The user engages with the content by scanning an image using a mobile application on a Smartphone. Tailoring of special requirements can be done easily to match marketing needs.

Epic Systems

Epic Systems is an independent Information Technology services Company that provides innovative IT business and technology solutions to clients around the world. The Company has assembled a group of talented and experienced professionals. EPIC Systems provides the latest technologies in the world to present the best solutions for many fields as business, education, industry, communication and much much more.

Epic MAR

Epic MAR is a Mobile Augmented Reality browser. It lets you detect objects or images (ads, flyers, logos... etc) from the real world by scanning them with your phone camera, accordingly the application will display digital contents related to the scan items and you can interact with it on your mobile.

Interactions with the scanned item can be watching a related video, locating it on a map, send email, call the company, register for its web-service... etc.

Try it ...

Click here to try the application on some images

Just point your camera to the image and you will get its related contents.

If you want to add your images and contents contact us at info@epicmar.com

EPIC MAR in Action ..


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